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77Ah Power pack for the Rapid Deployment Kit.


Available with additional GPS TRACKER.


If required, we can customize the connectors and power cables to meet your requirements for your equipment. Just contact us, and we’ll find a solution.

12V 77Ah Power Pack

  • Rugged and tough using extreme hard fireproof compact EVA protection around the Prismatic Cells ensures a Power Pack for the most extreme environments.

    Containing an efficient 77Ah battery, giving you plenty of power.

    We believe in less is better. That’s why, there are no lights or switches, there is no on-off button, keeping the 12v 77Ah Power Pack more watertight and robust.


    ✅ Over-discharge protection

    ✅ Thermal protection

    ✅ Over current protection

    ✅Short circuit protection

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