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Go anywhere and stand alone Rapid Deployment Kit.

Tough and rugged, yet simple and fast to deploy.


Available with additional GPS TRACKER.


If required, we can customise the connectors and power cables to meet your requirements for your equipment. Just contact us, and we’ll find a solution.

CCTV Rapid Deployment kit

  • When situations require covert camera systems yet require high quality and the ability to control the cameras remotely, then this is a solution that will satisfy many operators. All you have to do is switch on the case, plug your camera and the kit is ready.

    This kit offers remote alerts analysed by a powerful artificial intelligence. It is also possible to have live access to the cameras connected to the kit.

    ✅ AI INTEGRATION: People and object detection.

    ✅ 4G NETWORK: Internal 4G router included and SIM card included.

    ✅ REMOTE ACCESS: Receive alerts – view and control your cameras remotely.

    ✅ CAMERA COMPATIBILITY: Up to 3 cameras connected simultaneously.


    • Over-discharge protection 
    • Thermal protection
    • Over current protection
    • Short circuit protection

    Self-Contained and Easy to Deploy.

    ✅ All cables are made to Military standards, extending cable length for the cameras from the case is so simple with robust extended click-and-go connectors. 

    ✅Depending on the type of camera you wish to connect, battery life can last up to 7 days. Using powerful PTZ types cameras will decrease the battery life.

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