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Videofied compatible external alarm control.

Introducing the Loxal 'Outdoor Alarm Keypad' - the first smart external keypad compatible with Videofied alarm systems. Featuring built-in tamper, RF testing during installation, and easy alarm control from the point of entry.


No more false alarm call-outs and wasted time escalating proof of authorisation.

Outdoor Alarm Keypad

  • Rapidly deploy and install onto any surface with no external power needed.

    ✅ Quick and easy installation and user friendly

    ✅ Can be pre-programmed to set or unset at specific times

    ✅Upon an intruder activation, a 10-second video clip is sent to the ARC via GPRS for monitoring and actioning

    ✅ Integrates with IDACS access control products. This keeps a comprehensive audit of on-site activity as well as secure keyless access.

    ✅ Internal and external

    ✅ Wireless smoke detection

    ✅ Up to 25 peripherals can be added to the system

    ✅ Stand alone, requires no mains power or telephone lines and can be installed virtually anywhere

    ✅ Largest network of keyholder and response teams in the UK

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